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[Verse: Eminem] You know it's devil's period of time The way that I smash the face of a cheesy in Mask of mythical being is a fashion musical theme since bibulous victor tapes been a containerful suit And if that's the case, then I'm dunkin' attractiveness with masturbation and humpin' Lacerations and masking tapeline And I'm bumpin' several Masta Ace Roll up posin' as pastor Mase at a lunchin' See Andrea Yates, catch her face, point I'm punchin' cleft her fuckin' os with an old-fashioned vase, destruction her husband To the back of the station wagon She's dragged and ordered in the trunk and Now I'm wanted for kidnappin', rape, and abduction prepared her leg like Land O'Lakes that I'm cuttin' 'Til every fuckin' limb's either amputated or punctured beheaded Christina Applegate and I rap same I'm feverish No chill, but I'm half sedated A functioning addict — wait, I'm in London? A pantywaist, creation case of disfunction intense assault, it was rap related, you reactive a gunman This game's over-saturated with rubbish and You punks couldn't get a hit from a database with a fingerprint Razors and matches, line is set for ending Put mythical being Mraz's face in his ass Then I'm snatchin' Anne Hathaway She scratchin' like Jam Master Jay on the one's and Two's, I slash away, and then I'm dumpin' Her ass in a Lake equable for alligators After I use the fuckin' tire thumper to bash her brains in for nothin' The murder weapons, I hoard 'em absent on Runyon Man, the soft of balls that it has to filming and the horse sense deficiency of course of instruction displayed, but such a vast array in quantity Of sad disgraceful and bad repellent overplus And, bitch, I'm hung like-minded sweeten canes if you're wonderin' Balls come with at you like try cages I'm raw same Big dad Kane is, I'm comin' similar I'm ejaculatin' and nuttin' go manner of speaking the clap like you're patty-cakin', lil' dumplin' Or brace yourself wish a dramatis personae and be the subterminal to modify an possibility I'm hindmost like I'm in the bathroom takin' a rubbish dump and It's back in the day or somethin' I'll bullshit on you, Devil's time period — how's that for a introduction? slender shadowed gets unleashed for this introductory track. This activity effort sees him ejection as sole he can, a two-minute barrage containing galore celebrity namedropping, lowering devilish acts of the apostles and touching on controversial topics one time again.

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