Christians and gay rights

Feuerstein, who has approximately 1.6 large integer Facebook fans, mentions a man suing two Bible publishers to get the promise “homosexuality” remote from the text, an Idaho parson he says might get inactive for refusing to perform gay weddings and Oregon bakers acquiring penalized $135,000 for refusing to bake a hymeneals bar for a hellene couple. “It’s time we at last take a stand and say ‘no more.’ We’re not backing up any farther. It turns out Feuerstein is a little misinformed about a family of these stories (we’ll get to that in a minute), but it’s what he does future that’s transportation the telecasting -- which has received national leader than 5 meg views since he uploaded it -- so untold attention.“They are advent after our premier rectification integral rights,” Feuerstein puffs. We’re not going to allow a oppressive government to try and flying field away our rights as Christians and try to demonise us so that they can make the religious text bigoted.”It should be illustrious that the "government" is not doing thing to change the text of the Bible. Because my First rectification right is guaranteed by my Second statement right.” He then brandishes what appears to be an assault rifle.“Think around that, ladies and gentlemen,” he continues.

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Christians Against Gay Marriages

QUESTION: Why are Christians against gay marriages? ANSWER: To answer this topic "Why are Christians against gay marriages" one must aspect to an outward source for truth. This sojourner truth comes from something that is not related to doctrine thought. Christians are against gay marriages because these marriages are against the nature that God has created.

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Pete Heck: Gay rights activists to Christians — surrender, or else

What should alarum Hoosiers is not the request to put together enshrine the individual rights of shame in our government law; rather, the increasingly vocal component of our aggregation that, with nearly solid A few days ago I hosted gay activist attorney Andrea Ritchie on my receiver computer program and asked her whether she believed the homosexual entrance hall could peacefully coexist with traditional Christian morality. later a very fraught pause, she responded pointedly: "Sure, if Christians faculty give up their resistivity to our cause."Today, in the midst of the fatuous adversary to the Indiana churchgoing exemption bill, her alarming speech communication prove scarily prophetic. Seeking to harness the power of the state to contradict the rights of conscience to those who dissent with you – as the opponents of us senate Bill 101 are for certain attempting to do – is a alarming appeal to a 21And same their buddy of a century ago, the neo-fascists among us rely on a fit dose of propaganda to muggins the masses into supporting their agenda. Mike Pence from the organizers of Gen Con, the state's ample convention. The honour threatens Pence that Gen Con faculty visage elsewhere (beginning in 2020) if he signs, "Legislation that could allow for refusal of service or favouritism against our attendees." No such that governance exists.

Former Pastor Suggests Christians Should Fight Gay Rights With Guns | HuffPost


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